A digital venture of India’s finest astrology experts, Mystarspeak is a premiere astrology destination. It caters to all the astrological needs of the customers and provides access to the most renowned astrologers in the world.
We offer an array of services that can help a customer grow and seek peace in every aspect of life – be it a career, marriage, finance, relationships, health, etc.


We don't have a software that analyses your birth chart, matches your kundli automatically with a pre fed algorithm. We take your details, study them, analyse them and then give you an exact result of the readings of your stars as per your horoscope. We are aimed at providing actual solutions to you. So, we take time in our readings and ensure to give you as much an accurate reading and analysis as possible.
Also, we don't ask for any payment or have a fixed charge. Once we have you satisfied, you may offer a token of appreciation to your astro expert, who is also kept anonymous. Because they are all learned experts and don't believe in being recognised. They are associated with us for our mutual objective of benefiting others.